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Crowthorne Body Health is a clinic run by Kim Weir - she is passionate about maintaining health and keeping your body in an optimal state. Kim has been practising for several years and has worked in the local area for more than 15 years as well as other clinics around the South of England. Ella Martin is a registered osteopath and has recently joined the clinic, having been in practise for a number of years. Mandy Hurworth practices a number of therapies in clinics around the Twickenham area but has joined this clinic offering online consultations. All 3 ladies have worked with participants in a  variety of sports - rugby, rowing, hockey, athletics, distance runners and tennis players. Kim and Mandy are both heavily involved in sport themselves - . Kim is a  Masters athlete, representing GB and NI at Masters Athletics Championships (World and European) in Hammer Throw and competes in Vets Championships in Trampolining. Mandy plays Hockey and represents England at a Masters level as well.  They believe age is not a barrier to achieving improvements in physical health, sporting ability and a sense of well being. The therapies all 3 therapists  provide can help people who are involved in sports and those who are not - no matter your age.



Kim Weir

FSMT (Assoc) LCSP (Assoc)

Ella Martin

Bsc (Hons) Osteopathy

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Mandy Hurworth

RNutr, STA (member)

Sports Massage Therapist / Remedial Masseur

Kim graduated from St Mary’s University College in 2002 with a Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy (FSMT).

Kim is highly experienced in all forms of Sports Massage Therapy including; Injury Assessment; Rehabilitation; Taping and Bandaging; Ultrasound Therapy; Nutrition for Sport; Sport & Exercise First Aid and Fitball Training.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys keeping active, is a UKA Athletics Coach and competes in hammer throwing and trampolining.

Registered Osteopath 

Ella graduated from the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic medicine  2011 with an honours degree in osteopathy.


Ella is highly experiences in all aspects of osteopathy including: Cranial osteopathy, structural osteopathy, classical osteopathy and soft tissue massage.


In her free time Ella enjoys working out in the gym, orienteering and golf.


Ella is fully insured by Balens and registered with the General Osteopathic Council

Registered Nutritionist and Clinical Massage Therapist

Mandy graduated from Surrey University with a BSc Hons in Nutrition and trained at St Mary's University College in Applied Sports Nutrition (2012) and Sports Massage Therapy (2015-16), Pregnancy Massage (2017) and the Jing Method™ (2019).

In her free time Mandy plays Masters hockey for England, enjoys tennis and golf. 

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